These sleepy summer mornings are still new to me five years into living on the East Coast. Overcast, humid, the lake waves – it leaves the surfaces in our home a little sticky, but peaceful. I was born into the coffee house culture of the West so for me these are five cup mornings – drinking coffee until noon – to nudge my own sleepy mental fog to part. I woke up to this moment with my loves:

photoWhile my sweet little third and hubby sleepy, I’m enjoying waffles with O and G and watching the water. I’m reminded to watch my mouth just now because although I curse rarely, my phrases sprinkle over my little ones with unintended permanence. My 3 year old just told our 14 year old pointer to, “Move! Go get a job!” Something I must say to one of our three dogs on the daily. This segued into spontaneous singing of Jingle Bells. Perfect. When that reached a brash tone only a toddler can perfect (read: bleeding ear drums) I suggest we listen to our happy song.

This week marked our 5th anniversary – its been a blink. One week after our honeymoon we drove my tiny Mazda 3 across the country packed to the ceiling. That began what on paper sounds like a crazy ride of change and adventure, but emotionally doesn’t seem all that insane. Maybe that’s the way it is when you skydive through life – to all spectators they see the brilliant crazy of the jump you’ve just taken, but all I can feel is the clouds on my cheeks. Sometimes blue sky and sometimes storm clouds. Cross country drive, graduate school, two promotions, two jobs, three kids, six dogs, a cottage remodel, massive culture shock and so much happiness. Because my parents were in town to provide free babysitting we celebrated with a sweet dinner out where we poignantly discussed the purchase of a new car (mini-van – shriek! I still can’t believe it) and a bathroom remodel. Perhaps that’s the main way you can tell a dating couple from a married couple at a restaurant – we’re the ones with a pen marking up the paper tablecloth with where we’d put the commode. Dinner was followed by a stop to our local car dealer where this happened:

broken shoe photoCoincidentally, the 5th anniversary is to be celebrated wood. Perhaps this is an early sign that this past and next years will be filled with two types of construction – breaking down of the old and building up of something new.