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Friends, I want to share about a question I am asked so very frequently lately that I’m downright tickled. And I mean it – no sarcasm – it makes me laugh because I’m not sure whether its an odd colloquialism common to small town living or what the expectations of the “asker” are with regard to a response. What I do know is that I have no idea how to answer it or whether it even merits more than a giggle and a smile.

Wow – a THIRD boy – what are you going to do?

To be sure, when a baby is on the way, you are asked a million normal and about a thousand ridiculously inappropriate questions. Lucky for me, most haven’t been offensive in nature or perhaps since this is my third rodeo I’ve become immune to any that were. A sample:

  1. You’re expecting? Was this planned? or alternatively, “on purpose?”
  2. What’s it like giving up coffee? (puhlease, my children are beautiful and caffeinated)
  3. You’re a stay at home mom? Aren’t you bored? (no criticism for this one, I used to wonder this too)
  4. What’s it like to be pregnant? (such a great question I wish I had reciprocal eloquence to answer)
  5. My least favorite….. “welp, guess you’ll just have to try again for a girl, right?” (shame on you, especially for asking this in front of my other children)

But, “what are you going to do?”

I dunno, sell the other two? Freak out? Drink constantly? Enjoy it? I typically just laugh because from my point of view, I’m so blessed! The world needs good men, no – it needs great men. Men who don’t hide behind their women, who know their hearts are made for adventure and that they’re meant to be warriors for God. Men who hold open doors, and say “yes ma’am,” and read literature, and wear pink Brooks Brothers shirts, and aren’t afraid to go into the lingerie section for their wives and whose masculinity isn’t so paper thin that they feel they have to armor it with flimsy machismo. Men who think porn is disgusting, who stand when a woman enters the room, and who seek to protect and serve their wives and sisters and daughters. Men who love God fiercely and by their presence inspire other men to greatness.

And in all that, I’ve been given the mission and journey and delightful adventure of raising three little warriors for Christ. 

So it means a household of ruckus and forts and swords and trains. It means muddy shoes and dirty faces. And most importantly it means:

Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Psalm 127:4